#31 Just Some Thoughts…

April 1st, 2010

Think back. Don’t you remember feeling just so complete? So whole? There must be a time. When was that again? Graduation day? Your first kiss? Your spiritual awakening? That zany vacation? The rainy walk you took with your favorite pal? Or maybe it’s just the simple thought of home

Think hard. Picture that moment with clarity. And then: fall in love. Fall in love with yourself at your best. Look back at that moment like it was another person in another time. It was. It wasn’t you. You are you now. Not that other person you were. You only have a sliver-shaped memory of the idyllic past. You were shining then, but the memory is quite faint. So fall in love and commune with your past.

Think about it. Your ability to fall in love with your past is same the ability to create your future. Look at your past tenderly. Feel that you can reach out and hold the hand of the person you once were. Tell him how great he was, how beautiful, how forgiven, and how missed. And, then, watch and wait for what’s to come. For when you have this loving relationship with your former self, you need only to apply the same concept to who you are becoming…

Think ahead. See him? See her? There she is. Waiting for you to develop into the miraculous person she is. This vision is also quite faint. But, look hard! Do you see it? If you do, then you can commune with your future self as well. Like your past, this person also isn’t you. But, it could be. It will be. She’s absolutely real. As real as you are now. As real as you were then.

Think big. It wasn’t hard to remember your best self. Know that your best future is no different than simply remembering who you are… or were… or will be. Fall in love with the person you desire to become. If you are able to fall in love with a shadow of your past, you will be able to fall in love with the glory that is your future. For love causes creations beyond what the mind could ever think.

Thinking Of You With Love,